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GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS (877-326-8392) is a Texas energy procurement & full-service Texas energy management consulting firm focused on sustainability, that is, green energy, renewable energy, green power.

2012 TV & Web Commercial – NEW!

Texas green energy procurement & energy management expertise
for Texas green buildings & businesses.

Helping Texas clients optimize energy, minimize risks,
reduce utility bills, increase real estate value
& secure sustainable success.

Outperforming conventional electricity brokers & energy managers.

>> Did you know that 60-90% of a conventional building’s & business’ potentially regulated carbon emissions come from electricity? And, that eliminating those emissions can cost less than 1% of a customer’s electricity bill?

Texas’ Green Electricity Broker

(877-326-8392 or 877-ECO-TEXAS)

The firm’s core business is serving as Texas’ most economical renewable energy procurement resource for offsite, onsite & managed green power, including GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS’s following services:

  • Offsite:   BEST SELLER! – Brokered & aggregated utility green electricity sold by Texas Retail Electric Providers (REPs)
  • Offsite:   BEST SELLER! – Brokered & aggregated utility green electricity sold by Texas Retail Electric Providers (REPs)
  • Offsite:   BEST SELLER! – Renewable Energy Credits (green certifiable & certified RECs)
  • Offsite:   HOT! – Wholesale “new renewable” directly from wind farms, solar, biomass, biogas, geothermal & other Texas green power generators sold as “sleeved” purchases through REPs to large commercial & industrial Texas electricity customers (i.e., our firm secures Green Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) as Seller’s Representatives for green power generators)
  • Nation’s cleanest merchant-scale biomass (waste wood) power plant – 50 MW

  • Onsite:   NEW! – Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) & horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs) (Options: new, or decommissioned-reburbished)
  • at Jacob White Construction Company’s
    LEED Platinum certified headquarters
    in Friendswood, Texas

    Distributor-Dealer of Urban Green Energy’s Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


    at Town of Addison’s Net Zero Electricity
    Elevated Water Tower built by Landmark Structures

  • Onsite:   NEW! – Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 10 megawatts (Options: ground-mounted solar or roof-mounted solar; grid-tied solar or off-grid solar; own / lease / lease-to-own; multicrystalline solar PV, monocrystalline solar PV, thin film solar or concentrating solar; domestic / European / Chinese solar panels)
  • Panel prices dropping 25-60+% per year!
    30% Federal tax credits set to expire 12/31/13 (Residential) and 12/31/16 (Commercial)

How To Begin: First Step

We usually begin our relationships with clients as their Texas electricity broker, rendering painless the fast-paced, complexities of buying retail electricity from the grid, i.e., offsite utility green power.

>> Scroll down to Option 2: Utility Green Power at the bottom of this page to begin inquiring about the retail electricity green power purchase process.

Next Step: Texas’ Full-Service Green Energy Management Advisor
starting with Demand Analysis, Authenticity, Conservation & Energy Efficiency

After we address clients’ urgent stated needs, we often get to share our passion acting as full-service strategic green energy management advisors.

We reinforce clients’ business strategies by helping clients analyze, envision, implement & manage their energy strategy, energy demand, energy supply, energy messaging, & energy monitoring.

  • Would you like to mitigate your financial risk & reduce your building’s or home’s BIGGEST operating expense … logically?
  • Would you like to simplify the complex, risky, frustrating process of electricity procurement … understandably?
  • Would you like to procure green power at a steep discount near decade low prices & some of the fairest commission rates … transparently?
  • Would you like to choose the simplest, most significant strategic decision as a sustainable business or green building … practically?
  • Would you like to earn lower prices just for your commitment to sustainability or green building … affordably?
  • Would you like to stay ahead of impending carbon cap & trade regulation, or even approach carbon neutrality … rationally?
  • Would you like to reap the marketing benefits of communicating the benefits of your strategic purchase … clearly?
  • Would you like to secure the advice of sustainability experts at no additional cost by purchasing green power for the next 4-5 years … simply?
  • Would you like to create a healthy, sustainable Texas for kids, the elderly, your family & yourself via healthier air quality … absolutely?

So do our clients. And, so do we.

Texas’ Electricity Aggregator, Electricity Broker, Consultant & Distributor of
Offsite, Onsite & Managed Green Energy

from Grid Retail Electricity to simply RECs & Carbon Offsets
& even Onsite Renewable Solar & Wind Generation
(Grid Parity a reality by 2013-2016).

>> Did you know that prices of solar photovoltaic panels dropped 25% (2009), 25% (2010) & 50%+ (2011) globally*, & are expected to drop even more in 2012?

Check out Green Tech Media’s 2011 U.S. Solar Market Insight Report for proof.

>> So, how would you like to:

  • Eliminate your electricity bill & pay off your onsite solar PV system in 6-10 years
  • Let the government pay for 30% of the solar PV system cost, &
  • Save another 20% to 300% by eliminating two to five layers of middlemen marking up each other’s services (i.e, local installer & its distributor with old, overpriced, less efficient & less powerful inventory)
  • Secure nearly FREE & nearly MAINTENANCE FREE onsite renewable electricity for up to 24 years more -
  • All before Texas’ electricity grid faces a power pinch in 2013-2016?

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS can outperform
conventional electricity brokers & energy managers.

Our approach: Sprint. Crawl. Walk. Jog. Run. Inspire.

Often, clients’ most immediate stated need is retail electricity procurement from a Texas electricity broker or Texas electricity aggregator. GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS simplifies competitive energy procurement for green buildings & green businesses in three simple ways:

  1. Utility green power: As a Texas electricity broker, a Texas electricity aggregator, or Texas energy management consultant, we negotiate renewable electricity rates, terms & conditions with a diverse, select group of Texas Retail Electric Providers (REPs); green electricity is simply conventional electricity coupled with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) representing the marketing attributes (no greenhouse gas emissions) associated with a specific amount of new renewable electricity generation at a specific facility at a specific time; the easiest way to pay any green premium monthly in your electricity bill, rather than upfront like RECs require; our firm brokers 800 times more green electricity in Texas than the next aggregator-broker-consultant with one of the largest Retail Electric Providers
  2. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): For clients who occupy only a part of a building, who cannot choose their Retail Electric Provider, or who want to pay significantly less than their REP may be charging for green power premium, RECs are the simple solution; when retired to offset the emissions from conventional grid brown power (grid electricity generated from coal, natural gas & other non-”new renewable” resources), these certificates effectively make the electricity healthy, emissions-free green power; RECs are organizations’ typical first step to carbon neutrality, & the most popular method nationally (77% of all green power purchasers)
  3. Onsite generation: Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems & wind turbines “behind the meter” or “behind the fence” are finally helping clients avoid perpetual & growing electricity costs, Transmission & Distribution charges & taxes; Onsite solar & wind are the logical next step for current buyers of RECs & utility green power, since grid parity seems to be coming to Texas by 2013-2016 due to technological advances, global over-supply, increasing regulatory & voluntary hurdles, & disappearing incentives:
    • technological advances: for example, average solar panels’ prices have plummeted 50-70% the last two years & have been dropping 20-25% EACH YEAR. Moreover, solar panels’ average power output has increased 10 watts EACH YEAR since 2000 (from 100 to 200+ watts), & solar panels’ average efficiency have risen 0.3% EACH YEAR. GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS is at the cutting edge of removing other unnecessary costs & inefficiencies in the development & engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) of 1 to 10 megawatt solar & wind installations suitable for businesses.

    • global over-supply: After Germany’s generous feed in tariff was cut, silicon prices steeply declined & European manufacturers are now willing to sell off the 10 to 25 gigawatt overhang or excess solar manufacturing capacity at 10-15% additional discounts; for reference, Texas’ 2011 peak electricity demand + the 13.75% reserve requirement is 74 gigawatts (according to the ERCOT Region – Summer Summary (December 2010 Update); x%x the Electricity Reliability Commission of Texas (ERCOT) estimates that peak demand for Texas electricity increased at an annual rate of 2.5% from 1990 to 2006, continuing to grow annually at this rapid rate until 2030, requiring 60 to 80 GW of new electricity generation capacity by 2030

    • increasing regulations: the percentage of green power that companies can purchase offsite for compliance purposes is decreasing while the percentage mandated to be generated onsite is increasing

    • disappearing incentives: governmental deficits & sufficient technological adoption are causing most, if not all, extra financial incentives to disappear by 12/31/2016; despite the narrow window of opportunity, the 6 to 9-year solar payback & 30-year life may render solar incentives hardly necessary.

>> Click here to submit an email request for our staff to call you back (please include your contact information & a brief description of your energy management needs (electricity, natural gas, steam)


>> Scroll down on this page to begin the inquiry & purchase process for each.

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS helps large commercial & industrial, small & medium sized organization, & some residential clients evaluate & procure these green power alternatives practically & affordably because we are the most effective & economical:

NOTE: Our firm is focused solely on new renewable energy, striving for a healthy sustainable Texas, & a better business & family climate for generations to come. The firm works with clients committed to purchasing at least 20% green power up to 100% green power (which costs only 0.4% to 8% of the energy-only rate, or less than 1% of clients’ all-in electricity cost). Texas’ leadership in wind power generation has made Texas one of the least expensive states to “green up” businesses’ & households’ electricity usage, making it easy to create better air quality affordably, while attracting more businesses & families to Texas.

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS helps clients mitigate risk, save money, attract customers, grow revenues, & become a better steward of the environment.

>>How? Click here to learn about the four primary ways our clients say GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS outperforms thousands of other Texas electricity brokers & roughly 200 registered electricity aggregators in Texas.

>>Why? Click here to learn about how we started & about what motivates us.

>>Click here to learn about additional discounts & value-added services available to businesses committed to corporate sustainability, businesses just starting to go green, & owners-managers-tenants of ENERGY STAR® labeled buildings and/or LEED® certified or registered projects.


MOMENTUM BAY ASSOCIATES LP, d.b.a. GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS, is the first Texas electricity broker (, registered Texas electricity aggregator ( (PUC #80247), & energy management consultant in Texas’ retail electricity market to focus on solely on discounted green energy (

>> Did you know that the premium for green power
can cost less than 1% of a customer’s electricity bill?

Since 2007, Momentum Bay’s GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS green power brokerage has surpassed $15 million in sales & now serves a much broader range of clients, e.g., real estate developers-owners-managers, financial institutions, medical office buildings, schools, churches, higher education (universities), municipalities, etc.

Green power is one of the simplest & most significant ways to start going green while achieving energy cost & budget certainty.

More importantly, Texas green energy is the only way to turn a conventional Texas facility or high performance Texas green building into a carbon neutral, Net Zero Energy and/or Energy-plus building, eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions before OR after conservation, energy efficiency & other green building strategies have been implemented.


In 2009, the firm was also approved by ERCOT as a broker of Renewable Energy Credits (i.e., a “REC broker”, enabling us to save our clients the many levels of excessive markup from REC generator to wholesaler to brokers and retailers before reaching customers.

Time & again, our customers find they can buy green power for less than they could have bought conventional power.


In 2009, we became a broker / dealer / distributor for some vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) manufacturers here in the U.S. after preparing an industry & competitive analysis about hundreds of global small-wind turbine manufacturers as well as the global sales & marketing plan for an early stage wind turbine manufacturer.

In 2010, the firm added ground-mounted & roof-mounted solar photovoltaic systems (monocrystalline solar panels, multicrystalline solar panels, thin film & concentrating solar) to its product/service mix of onsite power generation.

Today, we are finding sustainable businesses & green building owners are ready to move beyond RECs & offsite utility green power to onsite generation for many reasons: 1) Texas’ rolling blackouts & power outages during the 2011 winter storms, & 2) because ERCOT has testified that the Texas grid will fall below required electricity reserve requirements from 2013-2016).

With green power, RECs & onsite generation in our portfolio, we provide the most economical certifiable & certified green power for any organization or household, especially for LEED projects & ENERGY STAR certified buildings.


In 2010, GREEN POWER 4 Texas became the seller’s representative for multiple utility-scale green power generators (e.g., the nation’s cleanest utility-scale biomass generation plant, a biogas power generation developer converting Texas’ 21 million acres of depleted cotton belt land to certified organic farm land by growing sorghum as a fuel crop, etc.

Our firm helps generators secure long-term Green Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for the electricity generated and/or Texas Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Texas municipalities, Texas electric cooperatives, Retail Electric Providers’ wholesale trading desks.

Our role is similar to a Texas green power marketer, however we prefer not to take title to green power.

Driving this part of our business is proposed legislation, EPA regulations, and expiring tax incentives.

For example, the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ (PUCT) Project 35792 published in December 2010 called for at least a 500-megawatt non-wind Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) (a.k.a., non-wind carve out, or Tiered REC system – Tier 1 is solar, Tier 2 is non-solar/non-wind (i.e., biomass, biogas, geothermal), and Tier 3 is wind), i.e., compliance RECs (not voluntary RECs).

While current year Texas wind RECs sell for about $1 (wholesale at the generator), expectations for Tier 2 were a maximum price of $60 per REC, & for Tier 1 solar RECs a maximum price of $120.

January to May 2011, the Texas Legislature considered how best to strengthen this proposed rule to 1,500 megawatts in Tier 1 + 2, and much more than the proposed 5,880 MW of new renewables in Tiers 1 + 2 + 3, since Texas already has 10,000 MW of installed new renewable generation capacity. Even though the legislation did not pass in 2011, developers continue to scramble to be among the first the qualify to sell their Tier 1 & Tier 2 compliance RECs for 2014-2030.


For years, we’ve served as the Texas business developer for one of the nation’s leading building commissioning (Cx) firms & one of the world’s leading healthy, energy efficient green building consulting firms, achieving LEED Gold or Platinum routinely at a savings when clients had only expected to reach LEED Certified, the minimum level of green building certification.


Conservation takes the most time, but is the only free green energy management strategy. When first working with clients, during the vision-casting stage & “laying a foundation” stage, we lead clients through our ECO [BOOT CAMP & GREEN [BOOT CAMP] courses for organizations & households, respectively.

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS’ sprint-crawl-walk-run approach eventually allows us to manage Texas clients’ comprehensive energy needs, including energy strategy, energy demand, energy supply (energy procurement), energy marketing & communications & energy monitoring.

Finally, our founder Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED® AP, CEM® (Certified Energy Manager®) brings a wealth of green energy, management consulting & sustainability strategy consulting expertise. Clients find his professional & personal passion for renewable energy, green building & corporate sustainability to be authentic, practical, fact-based, game-changing & inspiring.


So, whether you own a green building or green home, or just want to save money on wherever you work or live while doing your part to create a healthy, sustainable Texas, Momentum Bay would like to be your trusted, personal energy management advisor.

>>Would you join other Texans in going green profitably, increasing Texas’ energy independence, improving Texas’ air quality & Texans’ health, reducing human causes of climate change, & loving the things God loves (that is, people & the planet)?

Begin the simple process below. Or, call 877-ECO-TEXAS (877-326-8392) 8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday to request more details & two necessary forms.

Thank you for striving for
a healthy, sustainable Texas.

Option 1: Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Green Tags, or Tradeable Renewable Certificates (TRCs)

Seventy-seven percent of the organizations belonging to the EPA’s Green Power Partnership procure their green power by buying RECs, rather than utility green power or onsite generation, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS is one of the few approved REC brokers in Texas’ ERCOT region. We help clients purchase certified RECs while avoiding the multiple layers of markup – from REC generator to master broker to broker to Retail Electric Provider – because we can purchase in bulk directly from REC generators.

This strategy is particularly effective for tenants pursuing LEED® certification that have triple net leases & little or no control over their electricity. For example, the building may not yet sub-meter or have offer green leases to tenants. For these clients, RECs are the simplest, if not, the only way to purchase green power.

>>Email our team or click here or call 877-326-8392 to learn about offsetting your LEED® project’s or your organization’s electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions via Texas-generated Renewable Energy Credits (which happen to be among the least expensive nationwide due to Texas’ leadership in wind farms).

Option 2: Utility green power

Large Commercial & Industrial

Did you know that Texas uses more industrial electricity than any other state, and that Texas manufacturers could be the first focus of carbon cap and trade legislation?

Is your annual usage 500,000 kWh or more?

We work with manufacturers, office buildings, portfolio owners & other large electricity users to create customized green power purchases according to your needs & desires, offering products that range in risk from fixed pricing to heat rate to Market Clearing Price (MCPE).

And, for organizations that are implementing any sustainability initiatives, or occupying ENERGY STAR® labeled or LEED® certified or registered buildings (particularly those pursuing Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credit for Off-site Renewable Energy or Green Power), we discount our broker commission rate even more to help you receive the Innovation Credit for Exemplary Performance or even 100% Green Power most affordably.

>> Simply enter the ZIP Code of your organization’s meter address(es) to see if we can serve you.

Small & Mid-sized Organizations

Did you know that Texas is the #2 user of commercial electricity relative to all other states?

Is your annual usage less than 500,000 kWh? If so, we can help you in two ways: as your broker or aggregator. Either way, we can help your organization go green profitably & practically.

We help schools, restaurants, churches, architects, banks, businesses in commercial centers, contractors, designers, developers, engineers, green buildings, hospitals, hotels, multi-family, retailers & more.

And, for organizations that are implementing any sustainability initiatives, or occupying ENERGY STAR® labeled or LEED® certified or registered buildings (particularly those pursuing Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credit for Off-site Renewable Energy or Green Power), we discount our broker commission rate even more to help you achieve the Innovation Credit for Exemplary Performance or even 100% Green Power most affordably.

Option 1: Brokered purchase.

We can help you purchase 6-60 months of green power individually as your broker. In this scenario, you pay monthly, directly to the winning Retail Electric Provider (REP). But, we’ll act as your representative & advocate to resolve customer service issues with the REP.

Option 2: Aggregated buy.

You may be able to save even more money on up to 60 months of green power by joining one of our voluntary groups of other Texan organizations (known as an “aggregation”) who buy in bulk at volume discount rates. There’s no fee to join a group—you simply gain purchasing power by buying in bulk.

>> Simply enter the ZIP Code of your organization’s location(s) to see if you are located within Texas’ competitive electricity market.

Did you know that Texas uses more residential electricity than any other state?

Why do so many households still pay 25% to 100% more than businesses do for electricity?

If you’re ready to go green at home profitably, easily & immediately, you can benefit from the specially discounted “Friends and Family” rates that we negotiated with Gexa Energy, which we selected after having shopped and, in some cases, even tried out Texas’ 20+ residential Retail Electric Providers.

We have found Gexa Energy’s 100% green product to be the least expensive on the market AND offer the best service backed by Nextera (formerly Florida Power & Light), which enjoys one of the highest credit ratings among Retail Electric Providers, and is one of the largest owners of renewable energy generation in Texas.

>> There are two ways to sign up for residential 100% green power:

1) Simply click the Gexa Energy logo above, and then enter your ZIP Code where prompted on the next screen to receive our specially negotiated, discounted rates

2) Call Gexa Customer Service directly at either (713) 961-9399 or (866) 961-9399 toll free, but be sure to mention our Gexa promo code MBGREEN to receive our discounted Friends & Family rates on 100% green power residential electricity products (6-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts).

For reference, our founder locked in low prices on Gexa Energy’s 100% green Friends & Family plan for 12 months at his residence as of 9/16/09 when natural gas prices surged & again in late 2010 at 10% lower prices.

Enter ZIP Code:

Enter ZIP Code:

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to enter ZIP Code

Option 3: Onsite renewable energy generation

Our sustainability consultants have analyzed 200+ clean tech manufacturers competing in the solar photovoltaic panel industry & vertical / horizontal small wind turbine (VAWT / HAWT) industry.

>>Email our team or click here or call 877-ECO-TEXAS (877-326-8392) to learn about onsite generation alternatives for your LEED® project’s or your organization.

Other Considerations: Carbon Offsets for Transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions

While RECs clean up your energy-related emissions, carbon offsets do the same for your transportation-related emissions. Email our team or click here to learn about purchasing Carbon Offsets for the transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions of your organization, LEED® project, or household.